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Emotional Intelligence : Skill For the Modern Age :

You might picture someone who never lets his temper get out of control, no matter what problems they face , Or you might think of someone who has the complete trust of her staff, listens to her team, is easy to talk to, and always makes careful, informed decisions.These are qualities of someone with a high degree of emotional intelligence.In this article, we'll look at why emotional intelligence is so important for leaders–and how you, as a leader, can improve yours.What Is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence For Relationships:

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the key to long-term intimate relationships, in part because it makes us acutely aware of the changes that occur in ourselves and others on a daily basis. You'll have the sensitivity that each of us is looking for in a significant other if you improve your EQ. Through active awareness and empathy, you'll be able to detect small variations in your romance's dynamics that indicate a need for action.

Emotional Intelligence For Families:

The closest relationships we have are with our families. we depend on our families for comfort, love, and if we have a problem or need something. Our strongest good and bad memories are with our families. Emotional Intelligence for Families will show you how relate to your family members in intelligent ways. This will help whether you are the parent, child, grandparent or grandchild, aunt, uncle.

Emotional Intelligence in Workspace:It's a State of Mind

Where we are least likely to find emotional intelligence (EQ) is requiredmost of all: at work. The workplace remains the last stronghold of IQ worshipsince many people still feel that personal production interferes.You have no love bonds at work to inspire you to keep up with others asyou do at home. You have no collective history to understand what is movingaround you. You have no gain. This makes it all the more important for you toget in touch with what you need right now. You already have this facility - it'sactive consciousness and its empathy.

The Enlightened Teen: How a 16 year old found enlightenment through the lord (Christian Living Short Reads)

Have you ever wondered if you really have faith? Have you ever doubted god’s love or presence in your life, or felt that being a Christian is just about following rules? How about if you have ever felt frustrated in your faith, or do not feel any joy or peace despite having accepted Christ. into your life? Frank Healy, who is now a deacon and therapist struggled with this as a teenager.

The Unquiet Sea:

George is a 50 year old man with a rare condition called hyperthymesia. He can remember every day of his life since he was six years old. He spent a few years of his childhood in an orphanage after he loses his parents. Then a family adopts him when he is ten and introduces him to the shore.Now at 50 he is a psychologist who practices out of his beachfront house. He seems to have it all. He lives on the beachfront and has a successful practice. He has a loving and successful fiancee, many friends, and a family that loves him fiercely.In one day he stands to lose everything he has.

Empower Yourself Through Your Memories:

Use The Lessons From Your Past to Create a Happy Present and Future (Heal Your Memories Book 3)

The Ultimate Guide To Healing Your Past:

Learn To Heal Your Past Through Stories And Exercises (Heal Your Memories Book 2) Kindle Edition

Heal Your Memories, Change Your Life: (Volume 1)

Do you ever wish that something in your life had turned out differently?

Memory Brain Exercises

The first in a series entitled Phenomenal Memory For All, a series of books designed for the reader to achieve memory improvement. Memory Brain Exercises gives you exercises to improve your memory, a quiz to see what type of learner you are, that I have used for my clients, and more exercises to use your learning style and boost your brain power. It is written with a coaching perspective. I coach you to develop your confidence, and stick with the process. You will develop a phenomenal memory.

Living With A Phenomenal Memory

In 1966, five-year-old Frank Healy was sick and stayed home from school. Bored and too ill to get out of bed, Frank began looking at a calendar and memorized an entire calendar year in a few days. With additional practice, he memorized everything he experienced by making mental notes throughout the day, from decades of Philadelphia weather facts to the history of space flight and a variety of other subjects.

Heal Your Memories, Change Your Life

Do you ever wish that something in your life had turned out differently? Are there any memories that keep popping into your head? Do you wish that you could remember more? Heal Your Memories, Change Your Life takes you on an adventurous journey through your own memories and gives you the tools to heal from past hurts.