About Frank


Frank Healy has had a phenomenal memory since he was five years old. Before he turned six he had an entire year of the calendar memorized. With little effort he soon knew the entire calendar from 1752 to 2999. You ask him any date in that range and he will tell you the day of the week it occurred or will occur. He knows his local weather for the past 40 years, and thousands of other facts. He has taught memory classes, and has helped people with head injuries regain their capacities to remember, and helped people who needed to improve their skills to perform at their jobs. Frank is currently writing an autobiography on how he memorizes everything.

Research Opportunities

Frank Healy is one of fewer than 20 people in the world who is classified as having "Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory" or HSAM. Franks HSAM is similar to the police detective Carrie Wells in the show Unforgettable. He was a research subject at the University of California in Irvine. Frank remembers every day of his life since he was six years old. This includes the day of the week, the weather in his area, personal and news events. The university study first consited of telephone quizzes where they would name a news event or a date. If they named the news event he would have to say the date it occurred and the day of the week the date occurred. If they named a date he would say the day of the week it was or will be, and a news event within a month of the date. After four quizzes they requested his presence at the University for more testing. They read from journals he had sent them and asked him about dates and events. At the end of the day he was told he does have Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory.